The meaning of pay it forward

The meaning of pay it forward

Do you ever wonder what your ultimate purpose is here on earth?  Better yet, should your daily activities be only about your own personal gain?  In other words, “what can I get out of it?” and “who do I need to push out of the way to get it?”

Let me ask you this, how does it make you feel when you do something nice for yourself?  It feels good right?  O.k. now that we’ve established that treating yourself well makes you feel good – what if you put that energypay it forward into doing something for someone else?  Now that ‘good’ feeling just escalated to an amazing feeling, right, but why is that the case?

Personally, I feel like there’s too many self-absorbed people in this world.  Many people walk around with the ‘me-me’ syndrome and are oblivious to others in need.  At the end of the day, you may be left with everything you could possibly need (materially), but have an achy emptiness inside you.  Now that correlation seems quite disproportionate, right?

So what does it mean to pay it forward?  Well, simply put, it’s about creating a ‘good-deed chain’ where one person does something nice for someone and that recipient turns around and does something nice for someone else.  In other words, it’s an ongoing chain of events thatpay it forward transforms typical selfish behaviors into selfless ones.  Adopting this type of mindset would be revolutionary for the current state of society.  With that being said, I encourage you to watch the two video clips below.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to see others in a new light and drive you to want to make a difference.  I know it did for me!  Happy watching.

Pay it Forward

Real life examples

So there you have some thoughts on what it means to pay it forward.  Here’s to living your best life ever!  Feel free to leave me a comment or any insight you may have on the topic of paying it forward.

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