The impact of a mother’s love

The impact of a mother's love

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share with you just how important a mother’s love is to her children.  Now, as a mother myself, I consider my 2 daughters to be my greatest blessings in life.  Therefore, I’d like to think I give them my whole heart each and every day.  However, my name is not Mother Theresa and I get easily caught up in the daily grind of the hustle and bustle.  Regardless of today’s stressors, I am confident that most mothers try their best at raising their children and seize opportunities to shower them with love.

> the best education

On that note, a mother’s love is not only self-satisfying, but also, vital to a child’s brain maturation.  Let’s face it – as a parent, we want our children to become successful adults in both their careers and relationships.  Therefore, many parents primarily focus on offering their children the best education and extracurricular sports.  And although, these parental efforts are certainly essential to building a fundamental learning capacity and a sense of teamwork, showing love and affection is equally vital to brain development.

The brain needs love too

As a matter of fact, the human brain is not only a catalyst for new The impact of a mother's loveinformation, but also, a ‘sponge’ for love and attention.  In fact, there have been actual studies correlating the relationship between the warmth and adoration of a mother’s love to the level of intelligence and aptitude for learning. For further confirmation, “Professor Allan Schore from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) said that in the first two years, babies rely on a strong bond with their mothers for healthy brain development.” (Hsu, 2012)

Hippocampus and limbic system

In essence, children who had devoting, loving mothers early on have a moreThe impact of a mother's love pronounced hippocampus (an integral part of the brain).  This area in the brain handles retention, cognizance (knowledge), and stress coping skills. Not to mention, the limbic system which keeps emotions in-check is directly impacted by this behavior as well. So basically, a mother’s love is responsible for an increase in a child’s intelligence and a more empathetic disposition for others as adults.  Ultimately, when children feel a mother’s unconditional love and safe in the relationship, they will have the foundation and courage to tackle future life obstacles.

More love = bigger brain

So, what’s the take home message here?  Well, needless to say, mothers playThe impact of a mother's love an integral role in the success of our future generations.  Her love is limitless and priceless.  Just think – it’s as easy as loving on your children.  It could result in a sizable difference in your children’s brains!  With that being said, praise to all the mothers that sacrifice their time and efforts!  Ultimately, they  are providing assurance for their children’s emotional well-being.

With that being said, here’s to living your best life ever and loving on your little blessings!  Feel free to leave me a comment on the topic of the impact of a mother’s love and check out our new store – Blossom Best at for some inspirational products.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  Job well done!


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