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What’s the best cleanse?

So you’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse, but can’t decide on whichThe benefits of juicing celery one to choose.  With that being said, have you ever considered juicing straight up vegetables instead of a traditional cleanse with a fancy label and big-name ingredients?  If so, maybe you’ve wondered which vegetables are the ‘power-houses’ for the body and going to be most beneficial to you and the cleansing process.

The vegetable – celery

Well, I am here to introduce you to a vegetable that may not be the mostThe benefits of juicing celery popular, but still finds its way onto the ‘super-food’ list.  This vegetable is known for its decorative look with ‘Bloody Mary’s’ and/or shrimp cocktails, as well as used as a crunchy snack topped with peanut butter.  Any guesses?  Well as you can see from the title, this ‘magic’ vegetable is celery and it made its debut over 2000 years ago as it transformed from plant to vegetable.

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Proven track record

The Egyptians and Greeks were the first to discover this remarkable vegetable and utilized celery for medicinal purposes.  However, presently, it can be found growing just about anywhere there’s human life.  Furthermore, celery has The benefits of juicing celeryproved itself early on with extensive research in terms of its ability to ward off cancer, aid in weight loss, keep pain levels under control, minimize premenstrual symptoms, deflect mosquito’s, and reduce hypertension.

Look out energy drinks

Did you know that celery gives most energy drinks a ‘run for their money’ in terms of its mineral, nutrient, and vitamin content?  The reason being is that celery is naturally jam-packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, K, and B12, and zinc rather than mimicked in energy drinks.  As a result, these vitamins and nutrients are so valuable to the body because they contain crucial restorative properties whenever the body exerts itself with exercise or strenuous activity.  Not to mention, the above ingredients help to promote favorable conditions for cellular recovery in the human body.

Celery and coumarin

If you happen to suffer from gout or rheumatoid arthritis, celery has the propensity to decrease joint inflammation, as well as stimulate re-growth of inflamed tissues.  In addition, celery is heavy with antioxidants which eliminate possible harmful oxidizing agents in any living being.  On top of that, celery contains the compound, coumarin which “is capable of filtering out carcinogens and neutralizing dangerous free radicals and cell mutations that can lead to the development of cancer.”  Not only does coumarin combat cancer, but it also supports vitamin C with heightening the immune system in order to fight off sicknesses extending any where from typical colds to heart disease.

Nothing goes to waste

Unlike other vegetables, every part of celery (leaves, roots, seeds, andThe benefits of juicing celery stalks) is advantageous to our nutrition and the healing of our bodies.  For example, the above mentioned constituents of celery are capable of “preventing diabetes, urinary tract infections, liver disease, asthma, tuberculosis, migraines, dental conditions, obesity, gallbladder complications, and promoting prostate health.”  Also, celery includes the chemicals, androstenone and androstenol, which are associated with the dispensing of pheromone signals that ‘magnetize’ opposite sexes.  Did someone say, ‘the law of attraction’ may come into play when consuming celery?

Waste removal

Lastly, a growing concern in present society, chronic constipation, can be treatedThe benefits of juicing celery naturally without any over-the-counter or physician-issued medications simply by the consumption of celery.  The reasoning behind this is that celery is composed of adequate quantities of fiber and water to support the digestive system by “softening and eliminating compacted stool.”  Naturally, the greater the removal of waste, the more likely the pounds will drop off and energy levels will elevate!

So there you have a brief explanation of why you should do a celery cleanse and/or eat celery every day for an entire week.  Additionally, juicing celery is a quick and easy way to grab a prepared drink ahead of time and take it with you as you start your day!  By doing so, you are ‘erasing’ what’s currently in your gut and forming ‘strong immune system warriors’ in your body!  As expected, something as simple as celery consumption can help you live a healthier and longer life!  With that being said, here’s to living your best life ever!  Feel free to leave me a comment or any insight you may have on the topic of juicing celery.

***If you currently are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s not advised to consume excessive celery since the oils and seeds may lead to premature contractions followed by miscarriages.

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  1. Iam going tomorrow and buy celery. It would be a good snack. When my Mom made her salad she always put celery in it. I don’t know why but I never did but now I will. Good article.

  2. Wow…never knew there were so many benefits of eating celery! Good info, especially for those of us with arthritis. Thanks, Amy!

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