The benefits of having a crystal healing ball

The benefits of having a crystal healing ball

Mystical medium

The entertainment industry has produced numerous films spotlighting the crystal ball and its mystical powers.  One of the most popular films was “The Wizard of OZ” and how the Wicked Witch of the West used the crystal ball.  She utilized the ball to spy on Dorothy and her friends as they embarked on their journey down the yellow brick road.  In addition, many fortune-tellers use a crystal ball in their prophetic practices.  It’s not too hard to envision a whimsical woman embellished with gems rubbing a crystal ball and looking intently into it for future guidance?  In essence, this crystal ball has omniscient (all-knowing) virtues and is the time travel medium.

Balancing vibes

Now, the crystal healing ball sold at, is not the apocalyptic type.  In other words, it does not predict the future.  However, it can potentially enhance your surroundings and give you some direction in life.  This is because the crystal healing ball emits vibes of balance and uniformity.  In addition, it exudes positiveness which increases the overall room ambiance and maintains continuance to dismiss chaos.  Lastly, this particular crystal ball can elevate your own aura and encourage health and prosperity.

Channeling positive energy

So you may be asking, “what exactly can I do with this crystal healing ball?”  Well, considering that the ball is light-reflective, it’s a great way to add light to a dimly-lit room.  Not to mention, since it’s flawlessly-symmetrical, it increases the energy wavelengths in a room to stimulate feelings of contentment (the concept of Feng Shui).  Therefore, if your objective is to have a more tranquil room with ample light, this crystal healing ball would be a great addition.

Revamping your office

Maybe your office atmosphere doesn’t bolster your imaginative flair.  Or better yet, is your office decor dull and susceptible to feelings of being stressed?  If so, by adding the crystal healing ball to your office furnishings, you can rekindle your innovative side.  Simply, stare into the hollowness of the ball to free your mind and obtain better clarity.  Also, the ball can negate any hostility in your office with its restorative and stabilizing virtues.

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For the garden

Are you a gardener and in need of additional light for your plants to thrive?  If so, incorporating the crystal healing ball as a garden ornament could be a way to harvest some solar energy.  In turn, the ball could project its reflective energy stockpile all over your garden.  As a result, your plants would be provided with a natural light source.

To sum it up

So why should you purchase the crystal healing ball?  Well, if you want to eliminate unnecessary stress in your life and/or create a synergistic, peaceful environment, this ball is a necessity.  Simply put, the ball’s calming energy comes from the simplicity of its perfect shape.  In addition, you may be able to unblock built up energy (pain) by merely rolling the ball over the affliction.  Not to mention, the ball is useful when meditating because it aids in the visualization of being saturated with light.  Either way, with the crystal healing ball, you are equipping yourself with a method of funneling positive energy for personal fulfillment.

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