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Tweaking your focus

If you’re anything like myself, your mind is going a mile a minute all the Need to tweak your focustime.  You know those days when you make a list in your mind of everything you want to accomplish, but end up feeling unproductive at the end of the day.   Better yet, you start a project and never finish because of a distraction that diverts your energy elsewhere.  Or how about being unhappy with your future outlook and wanting more fulfillment in your life.  I ask you, “what is wrong with this scenario?”  What is the missing link?

What is focus?

Well, I’m here to tell you about the word, ‘focus.’  According to the Need to tweak your focusdictionary, the word, focus as a noun, means “the center of activity, attraction, or attention or the state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding.”  Naturally, you can have both short term and long term focus.  Therefore, you can have a clear and decisive focus for your present life, but also, for your future aspirations.  However, having a focus is not just about the way you think and feel about something.  In fact, it’s a lot more involved.

The 3 tweaks to your focus

To further explain, Tony Robbins takes the concept of having a focus to a Need to tweak your focusmuch deeper level.  He explains that if you want any change to occur, the following 3 things must happen.  The first thing is:  determine exactly what you want, fixate on it, and develop an irresistible urge to follow through with it.  Think of the old cliche, “you have to see it to believe it.”  As stated by Tony Robbins, “create a clear and compelling future in the area of desired change.”

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Energy in motion

Have you ever heard of kinetic energy?  This type of energy is “energy associated with motionNeed to tweak your focus.”  In other words, wherever you put your energy, your body and mind will follow.  However, simply putting your energy into something you want, may not be enough to obtain your goal.  Frankly, it’s about being ‘all in’ with your physical, as well as your mental state.

The ‘why’ behind the ‘want’

So, you truly have to know the ‘why’ behind what you want.  In addition, Need to tweak your focusyou need to acquire that overwhelming urge to make your vision/focus your reality.  For example, instead of just saying, “I want to get into shape,” say “I want to get into shape so I can be there for my children as they grow up, have the energy to positively impact others, and truly feel alive every day.” It’s as if there’s no escape from following through with your focus.  To sum up, once you accept that the alternative to your focus is no longer an option for your life, you will gain immense momentum.  As a result, you will quickly begin to see changes in your life.

The bull’s eye and the darts

The next thing to do is obtain the skills and knowledge to lead you on theNeed to tweak your focus journey to success. In other words, you need to acquire the “best tools and mentors” so that you can walk the path without getting lost.  Think of your first step as the ‘bull’s eye’ and the second step as acquiring ‘the darts’ (aka skills) needed to hit the target.

So how do you obtain those ‘darts?’  Well, it’s rather simple – when you emulate successful people, the necessary skills basically fall into your lap.  As Tony Robbins puts it, “the foundation came by standing on the shoulders of other giants.”  The idea is to be a “sponge” by absorbing everything you can about your mentors and all the while, making necessary adjustments to fit you and your focus.

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Inner struggles

The last thing to do is to work through your inner struggles.  These internal Need to tweak your focusconflicts  always have a way of pulling you back in.  As Mr.  Robbins states, “80% of success in anything is your psychology and 20% is the mechanics.”  Therefore, if you’re not following through with your focus, your mind is not 100% on board.  With that being said, dig deep into your subconscious, listen to what it’s telling you, and identify a resolution.  For example, do you not believe you’re worthy of success?   Or will you not be accepted as a successful person by friends and family?  Either way, you have to encrypt the code in your mind and get access to what will drive your focus.

Encrypt the code

Encrypting the code means making a clear distinction of your CURRENT Need to tweak your focusvalues (not past beliefs) and putting them in order with your life.  Once everything lines up and nothing’s holding you back, you will act accordingly.  As a result, your focus will be obtainable and success will follow.  Fortunately, your hard work will now seem less strenuous.  The reason for this lighter workload is that there will be less exertion on conflicting thoughts.

The wrap up

In conclusion, by taking these 3 steps, you change your thoughts from “I might” to “I will.”  The days of wishing for something to happen are gone.  Instead,  you’ve made a conscious decision to make them happen and be the designer of your life.  When you take charge of your focus/vision, you become all consumed and filled with passion for it.  Basically, you unleash the inner beast engrossed in the vision.  This beast will not give up until the focus becomes reality.  Just remember, “start with a concrete vision of what you want, focus on it continuously, and watch the magic unfold” (Tony Robbins).

Now you may be wondering what does having focus have to do with natural healing?Well, I truly believe that if you are truly focused on something, anything is possible.  This includes healing your body physically from the inside out.  Not to mention, the sky’s the limit in terms of living the life you’ve always dreamed of.  With that being said, here’s to living your best life ever!  Feel free to leave me a comment or any insight you may have on the topic of tweaking your focus.


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Tony Robbins’ You Tube Video, “Staying Focused.”


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  1. All I can say is I always had a schedule and I made sure I did what I had to on that day. I guess schedule was my focus. If I didn’t do what was on the schedule and got nervous so I made sure I did it.

    • Hi Lorraine. Having a daily schedule is a great way to maintain focus! Once you have the short-term (daily) focus, it’s much easier to expand to having more long-term focus and goals! Thanks for reading!

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