Is there ever a good time to give up?

Is giving up an option?

There are many moments in our lives where giving up appears to be our Is there ever a good time to give uponly option, but is it the best option?  Furthermore, what does it even mean to ‘give-up’?  Does it mean that you’re accepting failure at your attempt at being successful?  Or better yet, does it mean that you believe you’re just not good enough, talented enough?  How about you feel mentally and physically exhausted at trying to make something work and you just ‘can’t’ do it anymore?  Well regardless of your reason, giving up on a dream or personal goal should never be an option.  Therefore, I’m going to share some thoughts on how and why you should ‘pick up your heavy backpack and keep trudging up that mountain.’

It begins and ends with YOU

Recently, I was in need of some inspiration on this topic so I listened to a Is there ever a good time to give uppresentation by Tony Robbins entitled, “Don’t Give Up (Tony Robbins Depression).”  Naturally, I found some very useful insight from this highly admired, motivational speaker and I’m here to pass it on to you.  First and foremost, you are the controller of your destiny and if your end goal is to change your life, the change needs to take place within you. No-one else can make the change for you and although, some people seem to get all the luck, luck is not sustainable.

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The ‘worst’ day

During this video presentation, Jim Rohn makes a very compelling statementIs there ever a good time to give up – “the worst day of your life is actually the best day of your life.”  Sounds like an oxymoron huh?  Well believe it or not, when you are at your very lowest point in life, you discover your ‘inner-fight.’  In addition, he goes on to mention four things that you may feel on your ‘worst’ day that compel you to make a major life-change.  They are the following:  disgust (at your breaking point where you say, “I’ve had it!”), decision (following-through with decisions you’ve been contemplating for a while), desire (being “triggered by a certain stimulus – a song, movie, seminar, sermon, book, etc that turns the light bulb on in your head”), and resolve (“promising yourself you will never give up” – from a Junior High girl from Foster, CA).  Simply put, don’t allow an opportunity for growth to pass you by, but rather, take the ‘hit’ in order to learn, grow deeper as a person, and become the person you aspire to be.

My ‘worst’ day

For example, back in 1998, I was a wife and mother of a beautiful 21-month old little girl and had the ‘worst’ day of my life.  On that day, I found out that my husband of 5 years had been cheating on me.  As a result, he moved out of the house and that day forever changed my life.  There I was – a young, Is there ever a good time to give upuneducated mother unable to obtain a job that would adequately provide for my daughter and I.  As expected, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and pray that my nightmare would go away on its own.  However, this ‘worst’ day ended up being my ‘best’ day because it forced me to go get an education and a respectable career.  Don’t get me wrong – it was not an easy road being a single mother going to school, working, and taking care of my home, but I did it and it was the most empowering experience thus far in my life.

Break out of your ‘bubble’

Les Brown, another gifted motivational speaker, goes on to say that most of us allow our reservations to take over our lives.  These reservations may affect an idea you have or places you’d like to visit and thus, keep you in a “bubble” or a comfort zone.  Unfortunately, many take these aspirations to the grave with them.  However, as Les Brown puts it, “the fact that you’reIs there ever a good time to give up still here, that you’re still breathing means you got some more work to do and you owe it to yourself to get up in the morning and tell yourself you are living your life on your terms!”

30 day test

At the conclusion of this video presentation, Earl Nightingale (American radio speaker and author) challenges listeners to a 30 day test.  This test is about regaining control over your thoughts and not allowing detrimental thoughts to enter your mind.  In addition, Mr. Nightingale mentions going above and beyond for others with no expectations.  As a result, “your returns in life will be in direct proportion to what you give.”  Not to mention, having a clear understanding of your goals (regardless of how you’re going to get there) and doing for others will assure you success no matter what.

As part of this 30 day test, Mr. Nightingale advices listeners to use a flashcard as a constant reminder to your dedication to making this personal transformation.  On one side of the flashcard, write down your ultimate goal and on the other, write down this portion of the Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 7:7-8 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

When doing this test, give it your best and don’t get discouraged if you are struggling to maintain positivity for a day.  Just brush it off and start the 30 days over the next day.  As Dorothea Brande (the author of “Wake Up and Live”) states “act as though it were impossible to fail.”  Eventually, you will Is there ever a good time to give upcreate a new habit for yourself that will put you in the same category as those people who believe that everything is possible.

So there you have an explanation of whether there is ever a good time to give up.  I encourage you to take the 30 day test and become the top 5%!  Think of it as an opportunity to discover how everything can suddenly become within your grasp!  With that being said, here’s to living your best life ever!  Feel free to leave me a comment or any insight you may have on the topic of giving up.

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