Infinity necklace with cross pendant

Infinity necklace with cross pendant


Have you ever wondered where the infinity symbol came from?  Well originally, it was simply a horizontal figure 8 pattern.  However, in 1655, a mathematician named John Walls identified it as an immeasurable mathematical number.  In essence, he extracted the Latin word, infinitas meaning endlessness, to designate a number that continues on forever.  In addition, during ancient Egyptian civilization, the Ouroborus viewed the infinity symbol as a snake curling around on itself to bite its tail.  This depiction represents that everything comes back full circle and for every beginning, there’s never a definitive ending.  In other words, something can be forever timeless and even resurrected as Jesus was from the grave.

Abstract concepts

Besides the mathematical connotation and the Egyptian interpretation, the infinity symbol is foreseen as indestructible and the promise of everlasting love.  For example, it’s similar to how gravity keeps us grounded on Earth and signifies a constant continuum of existence.  Also, it personifies indefinite hope and lasting devotion to someone.  Lastly, it’s an expression of one’s belief and faith in God.


The beauty of an infinity necklace is that it gives us the assurance that even if our bodies die one day, our souls will live on forever.  Not to mention, since the infinity symbol is a never-ending circle, everything’s within reach!  Lastly, it’s comforting as a reminder of the three E’s – “empowerment, eternity, and everlasting love” (2018).

Why should I wear one?

So why should you purchase the infinity necklace with cross pendant?  Well, whenever you wear a necklace with a pendant, you are placing that pendant close to your heart.  This placement represents that you are holding the symbolism near and dear to your heart.  In addition, you are displaying your commitment to your faith or merely, to a positive self-image. Either way, with the infinity symbol and the cross on your chest, you are equipping yourself within an unbreakable ‘force field.’  Lastly, this necklace is a perfect way to reflect upon and honor the true meaning of Easter.

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