Health benefits of drinking more water

Bodies’ water consumption

Have you ever stopped and thought about your bodies’ water composition?  Are you aware that approximately 55% – 60% of your body is made up of water?  That percentage is quite impressive in terms of how valuable water is to the human body!

So how can we benefit from drinking adequate water?

If you’ve ever felt like you are dehydrated, you may have lost just 2% of your water composition.  Sounds minimal huh?  Well if you tend to sweat quite a bit after vigorous exercise then you may have lost 6 – 10% of your water composition.  With this being said, a water deficiency can lead to a rather sluggish disposition and feelings like you just can’t perform the task at hand.  Without replenishing, your body can quickly rewind itself back from 100 to 0 during exertion.  However, you can reverse the effects of water depletion by hydrating and in turn, reduce the process caused by free radicals known as oxidative stress where cell corrosion occurs.

Drinking waters and the affects on your brain, bowels, and kidneys

Do you ever experience moments when you just can’t think straight?  Or do you suddenly experience a drop in your mood without a sufficient explanation?  Well believe it or not, as you lose water post exercise (anywhere from 1.36% to 1.59% deficiency), your brain can have a direct affect.  This mild dehydration can result in feeling anxious, tired, the inability to recall something, and having recurring headaches.  Therefore, drink up for your brain’s sake!

Have you ever felt “backed up” in terms of your bowels?  Well think of it like a river moving steadily downstream.  This river is your digestion system (stomach, small intestine, and large intestine) slowly pushing your food and waste along the beaten path.  Without the necessary water to propel things forward, these items could get “hung up” and wedged inside your intestines.  Hence, the arrival of constipation!  However, if you’re adequately hydrated, the river of digestion will continue to flow at a nice, even pace.

Whenever you are assigned a task, do you typically want to do your very best?  Well your kidneys are in the business of filtration and are over-achievers.  Their task is to process approx. 200 quarts of blood and rid the body of waste and excessive water.  With sufficient water to work with, the kidneys are able to filter through more urine and thus, weaken the concentration of minerals.  With a “watered-down” concentration, the likelihood that clumps (kidney stones) will develop is significantly reduced.  Your kidneys will love you if you drink more water!

Drinking water can lead to weight loss

Want an easy weight loss tip?  Drink more water!  By increasing your water consumption, you are reducing the probability of over-eating and can actually enhance metabolism.  It’s as simple as incorporating 2 liters (67 ounces) of water intake daily in order to up your energy output to 96 calories each day.  In addition, drinking cold water as opposed to warm will cause the body to work harder (burn more calories) and drinking 1/2 hour before you plan to eat will make you less likely to over-indulge.  More water = more weight loss!

I hope you enjoyed my post on the health benefits of drinking more water and feel free to post any comments here at the end.  Best of luck in your journey to live your best life ever!


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  1. I learned so much about water bottles that I didn’t know about. Very informative. LJ

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