Does Nature’s Secret really cleanse?

Taking stock in Amazon reviews

On April 9th, I started taking Nature’s Secret 15-day weight loss support Does Nature's Secret 15-day weight loss support cleanse really workcleanse and flush tablets.  Prior to making this purchase, I had read numerous reviews on Amazon from previous product users.  These reviews included comments such as:  “Excellent product – I have used 3 days and lost 2 pounds,” “ABSOLUTELY would recommend this to anyone trying to lose some belly fat,” and “Works great.. love this product. Seen results fast..”  So undoubtedly, I thought this product would help me lose some extra pounds and flush my system of unnecessary built-up waste.

Be sure to workout and count your calories

Along with the tablets, the product included a helpful guide as to the importance of cleansing and your body’s response to the cleansing process.  In essence, the product denotes itself as a “cleansing formula.”  However, it stipulates that the product works in unison with limiting calories and daily exercise for weight loss to occur.  Huh?  For all we know, these tablets could be placebos!  Let’s face it – if we are to take the product in conjunction with calorie counting and working out, how do we know what ultimately triggered our weight loss?

Laxative on steroids or no?

Now when I think of taking a cleansing product, I envision taking multiple trips to the bathroom a day.  Basically, it’s like a laxative on steroids.  In other words, the body is expelling waste more fluently than it does naturally.  Question is – what if you already have regular bowel movements without reinforcements, but want to lose belly fat?  Or better yet, maybe you want to shrink down your unflattering abdominal bloating?  Well, according to the product guide, these tablets will cause “slight weight loss of excess waste in those who experience slow digestion or bloating.”  In addition, the manufacturers mention an expectation of “enhanced elimination with 2 – 3 bowel movements per day.”  Honestly, these promises are not out of the ordinary and could be easily obtained by other means.

Unfulfilled promise

With that being said, I was not blown away by the effects of this product.  In fact, I’m quite certain that I did not lose any weight as a result.  Therefore, I would not purchase this product again and will find a new cleansing product to try. Let’s face it – promising to “detox” the consumer without any visual confirmation is almost unrealistic.  Not to mention, feeling more energetic (another manufacturer promise) could be directly related to drinking more water over the 15 day stretch.

Try try again

As you can see by my poor review, Nature’s Secret 15-day weight loss support cleanse is not a miracle drug.  However, I am confident that there are detoxifying products on the market that offer noticeable results.  For example, my husband once tried the Acai Berry Cleanse and felt like his insides were being revamped.  With that being said, I will continue experimenting with cleansing products until I find the one that’s most effective for me.  When that happens, I will definitely share my experience with all of you!

Simply put, cleansing ‘erases’ what’s currently in your gut and forms ‘strong immune system warriors’ in your body!  As expected, an occasional cleanse can help you live a healthier and longer life!  With that being said, here’s to living your best life ever!  Feel free to leave me a comment or any insight you may have on the topic of cleansing products/regimens.


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