Can positive thinking change your life?

How do you begin your day?

Do you spring out of bed with a smile on your face ready to experience all the day’s greatness? Or do you struggle to get out of bed and grumble because your alarm disrupted your beautiful slumber?

Regardless of how you get out of bed each morning, what if someone told you that you can control what happens to you simply by how you think?  Let’s face it, if you’re thinking positively, your whole demeanor is going to change.  You will have a little “pep in your step” and a smile that lights up your entire face.  Not to mention, you will have the energy to “take on the world,” if you so desire.

Becoming infectious

By allowing positiveness to take over your thoughts, you will become infectious to others.  In fact, this attraction happens subconsciously which means you’re like a magnet to others without them even realizing it!  Just think – would you be more inclined to help a positive person or someone who was negative and just trying to bring you down with them?

Negativeness is not just about thinking poorly about yourself or your situation, but also about releasing poisons into the bloodstream.  This can explain why some people tend to get sick more often.  If you can’t envision yourself living the life of your dreams, then how do you expect for it to ever happen?

So how can I start changing the way I think?

  1. Embrace yourself in the concept of positiveness.  Find reading material on success stories, motivational speeches, and personal transformations.  Surround yourself with like-minded people either in person or through books, CD’s, etc.  Be open to the change.
  2.  Don’t let other people’s comments divert you from your goals.  Ignore them.  This is about your life, not theirs.
  3. When day-dreaming, allow only positive outcomes or situations to fill your mind.  Keep any negative visualization out!
  4. Your words can actually control how you feel about something.  Adopt the age-old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  5. Smile more often!  If you have to, fake it until you make it.  Remember – smiling is contagious!
  6. Naturally, we can’t keep all negative thoughts out.  Inevitably, they are going to creep in, but it’s your job to replace these with positive ones.  Eventually, your mind will gravitate toward positive thoughts rather than negative.  Practice makes perfect!
  7. Even if things are looking a little grim, try to envision the situation resolving itself positively.  Although it can be challenging, expect only the best for your life.  Consider the law of attraction which states that if you think about something long enough and believe it will come true, eventually it will!
  8. Lastly, be deliberate about telling yourself every day what you hope to and will succeed in doing.  Be a matter of fact about what you want out of your life.  For example, leave yourself sticky notes in the places you frequent most (ex. bathroom mirror, car dashboard, bedroom closet) that have statements about you having achieved a particular goal.  Eventually, the repetition of seeing these statements will push you to go out and obtain your dreams.

“The Little Engine That Could”

Many of you have heard the story of, “The Little Engine That Could,” by Watty Piper.  Just to joggle your memory, this was the story of a little blue engine that came to the rescue of a little train that stopped unexpectedly.  This little train was in a dire situation because it was responsible for getting its toys over a mountain.  Although the engine doubted its abilities at first, it self-talked its way over that mountain.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…….

Believe in yourself and always try to think on the bright side!   Here’s to living your best life ever!  Feel free to leave me a comment or any additional insight you may have.


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