Can I use essential oils to treat anxiety?

Sources of stress are everywhere

In today’s society, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the multitude of stressors we have to dodge in our everyday lives.  In fact, just tuning in to your local news is enough to throw anyone into a tail spin!  Everything is ‘doom and gloom,’ and unfortunately, most people gravitate towards the most negative aspect of certain topics.

Is it easier to be negative rather than positive?

Some examples of these types of negative outlooks include:  when the weather forecast calls for rain today, but it’s been sunny for the last five days; the number of casualties that happened in a catastrophic event rather than the heroes that saved many; and how the price of groceries has gone up, but the price of gas has declined.  A lot of these incidents that cause us undo stress can be avoided, but not all stressful incidents that happen to us are in our control.

Sometimes anxiety is unavoidable

Unfortunately, we may suffer a traumatic situation at some point in our can-I-use-essential-oils-to-treat-anxietylives where we find it extremely difficult to cope.  In addition, the demands in the workplace have increased exponentially in the last decade and thus, have brought about a great amount of pressure to perform.  Not to mention, we may be genetically predisposed to anxiety and be rendered helpless in maintaining an anxiety-free lifestyle.

Is there hope in dealing with anxiety?

So is there any hope for us?  The answer is YES and essential oils can be a can-I-use-essential-oils-to-treat-anxietynatural solution for the treatment of anxiety!  With that being said, studies have shown that the most effective way to quickly receive the healing properties from essential oils is by way of inhalation.  The reason this method is so effective is because as you smell, the nasal cells collect the aromatic particles and relay certain cues to the brain’s limbic system.  Therefore, this process is going directly to the brain and the limbic system which is the ’emotion handler’ in the body.  In addition, the limbic system is interlinked with the centers in the brain that handle respiration, cognizance, degrees of stress, pulse, maintenance of blood pressure, and hormonal levels.  Consequently, administering essential oils through inhalation stabilizes emotions, as well as the above mentioned bodily functions.

Methods to administer essential oils through inhalation

  • Utilize an aromatherapy diffuser to disperse the essential oil throughout the room.
  • Put a few drops of the essential oil into your hands, rub your hands together to heat the oil, and place your hands over your face (as if you were covering your nose and mouth when sneezing).
  • Blend an essential oil with a scentless carrier oil such as jojoba oil.
  • Put a few drops of the essential oil to running water as you’re filling your bathtub.

*According to several studies, 60 minutes is sufficient time to notice a reduction in blood pressure and pulse.

The most popular essential oils used to treat anxietycan-I-use-essential-oils-to-treat-anxiety

  1. Angelica.  The origination of the name comes from the word, ‘angel,’ due to ancient legend that claims an angel divulged the plant’s therapeutic powers to a monk.  This revelation was issued during times of devastating plague.  Furthermore, it has been shown in mice during three isolated lab tests that this essential oil and diazepam are equally potent in managing anxiety.
  2. Bergamot.  This essential oil is classified as a citrus oil and therefore, it’s ‘crisp’ and mood elevating.  In fact, research as shown that a mere ten minutes a week was sufficient to lower blood pressure and pulse, as well as calm the nerves.
  3. Clary sage.  This essential oil deflects depressive feelings and is advantageous to have if you’re faced with high-level stress.
  4. Frankincense. The ‘King of all oils’ – this essential oil has been known to soothe the mind, diminish nightmares, and calm anxious feelings.  In fact, many spas implement the usage of Frankincense since it has therapeutic properties related to physical and emotional health.
  5. Lavender.  This essential oil is highly-effective with relaxation and in turn, promotes positive cardiac health.  In addition, this extremely popular oil lowered levels of serum cortisol which demonstrates how the body is reacting to stress.  Not to mention, its favorable scent can be used for sleep-inducing and uplifting purposes.
  6. Vetiver.  This essential oil gives off a vibrant and ‘clean’ scent and can evoke relaxation and settling of the mind.  In fact, in India and Sri Lanka it’s known as the ‘oil of tranquility,’ due to its healing nature with issues related to depression, hysteria, insomnia, onset of panic, and anxiety.

So there you have an overview on using essential oils to treat anxiety! can-I-use-essential-oils-to-treat-anxiety Here’s to living your best life ever!  Feel free to leave me a comment or any insight you may have on this topic.


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